Aug 2020 Climate and Energy in My Community

August 3-6

UAF ED/NRM 595 (1 cr.)         

This course is for educators and youth group leaders. Climate change and energy use influence our lives. Educators from Alaska and other states will learn about climate change and energy use and be given tools to work with youth in K-12 classrooms or in after-school classes/sessions, as part of STEM teaching and learning. Educators will be certified in GLOBE Clouds (pictured at left) and Temperature Protocols. 

Pre-Course Assignments

Introduction to GLOBE (Under 1 hour total)

Causes of Climate Change 101  Log in to Canvas. Check email for invitation to Canvas. Submit the discussion post in Canvas (about 30 minutes total)

Review the three lesson activities for the “Energy Choice Activity” in Canvas or the mailed thumb drive. Choose one to do during the week and gather supplies (GLOBE Wind Speed Challenge, OR Solar Cooker Design, OR Greenhouse Effect in a Bottle)

We Welcome You

This course will enable you and your students to collaborate with UAF and NASA scientists as wells as Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP) and Arctic and Earth STEM Integrating GLOBE and NASA (SIGNs) educators. Your students will be able to participate in GLOBE Investigations with the possibility to present at the International Virtual Science Symposium. See you on Zoom at 9 am on August 3, 2020!